Friday, January 25, 2008

month of loves: people

The people I love for today clinched their place in the blog today with a last minute surprise. I was certainly meaning to include them at some point, but they sealed the deal for today!

Today's people are my dear, wonderful, and talented friend Anna Jo and her equally as wonderful boyfriend Jeff. A little background: Anna Jo moved to Amherst in 7th grade and we both started running track that spring. The rest is history. We both ran throughout high school, and that kept us in close proximity as our friendship developed over books, trees, art museums, being fledgling Transcendentalists, and watching 80's movies.

But what has always impressed me about Anna Jo is her sincerity and kindness. I never heard Anna Jo criticize or gossip, which to me is an amazing feat when even the five-year-olds in primary make sarcastic jokes. I love that Anna Jo is funny and interesting without ever doing it at someone else's expense. Currently, Anna Jo is inspiring elementary school students as an art teacher and is applying for art therapy graduate programs. Between my great-grandmother, and this amazing woman, why wouldn't I name my daughter Anna?

And as for sealing the deal, today I got a note in my mailbox that said I had a package waiting for me in the office. Neither Sam nor I remembered ordering anything, so we eagerly opened the box and found this adorable lady-bug costume inside! In all the packaging, we only found a little tiny packing slip inside with Jeff's name tucked away on it. We were so surprised! I don't know Jeff as well as I'd like, but he has always proved to be extremely considerate of others. These are two amazing people with great taste in significant others and in baby costumes.

So there you have it. Two lovely people who are easy to love!


Sherry said...

My comment has nothing whatsoever to do with your blog post for today, so I'll start with an apology about that. I'm sorry.

Really, I just wanted to tell you that I saw a picture of you today and Grandma and Grandpa L's house in Taylorsville when you and your brother went with Abe for Thanksgiving one year. It was kind of funny to see you among the L cousins as I was flipping through. And then it was funny to think that you actually have been to that old house, and I never have!

Anonymous said...

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