Wednesday, January 06, 2016


Yesterday was my first day at the YMCA here in The Woodlands. I left Emily crying in the child watch center and hopped on a treadmill. I was feeling so good to be working out alone and actually working hard instead of catering to a toddler who has never loved the stroller.

But the worker came and got me after 15 min since Emily hadn't stopped crying. I asked another worker if I could bring her back for another 15 min after she'd calmed down and she told me yes. We walked around the Y for a while and then I brought her back, but the worker I'd talked to was gone and the one who'd come and gotten me told me I couldn't leave her if she started crying when I left. I felt like crying since I'd been looking forward to this for a long time and now it might take another week before Emily could finally handle it.

I came back today, expecting to get another 15 minutes in. This time I asked if I could take Emily back there and get her settled with toys. I tried to sneak away, but she saw me and started crying again. Thankfully, the child care worker (not either of the women from the day before) picked her up and played with her while I left.

I kept watching the clock. I did my physical therapy workout and they didn't come. So I got on a treadmill, but they didn't come. So I did some stretching. At that point I thought I heard Emily crying, and it had been an hour, so I came in to get her. She wasn't crying, just playing happily. I was so happy! I've been worried about my back for the last month and it felt good to do my physical therapy stuff again. And my fear that Emily would take long to adjust was assuaged. I was so grateful for my YMCA tender mercy.