Tuesday, January 22, 2008

month of loves: life with sam

Sam suggested this topic. He had made me laugh yet again and said, "You should write a blog about 'weird things Sam does around 9 pm.'" I agreed, but have decided to include things he does at other times of the day, too. Here's my love of the day.

Whenever I'm reading on our bed, he *almost* always enters the bed creatively. I stress "almost" because between that and the fact that I read on the couch more often than the bed, it leaves the element of surprise in the action, and still makes me laugh. Anyway, here are a few of the ways Sam comes to ask how my book is.

-- Otter Slide: a leap and dive from the foot of the bed to the head
-- Belly Flop: a flying leap, landing almost spread eagle
-- Slow Scoot: a regular climbing on to bed, but not stopping until he is uncomfortably nestled next to/ on top of me
-- The Lean: Sam stands next to my side of the bed and leans over until his head and body are between my face and my book

Needless to say, no matter how much I'm enjoying my book on a Saturday morning, I always enjoy the interruption of it more.

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Susan said...

HMMMMMMMMM...sounds like the things my puppy does...especially when he wants UNDER the covers! Much the same moves...interesting!