Wednesday, August 19, 2009

on a walk

Anna's favorite thing to do lately is go on walks. If we're lucky, we'll see a doggie (Anna says: "dahddy" or "whoo whoo" [for woof]) but here's how they usually go down:

Once Anna has on her shoes (s/sh-eu) she heads to the door and says some combination of "Walk! (wah-K) Out! (aht) or Bye Bye!"

Then she opens the door...

...and goes outside. She always turns right, towards the playground, and never left, towards the car (kah).

When she gets to the steps, she waits...

...and Mama helps her down.

She toddles happily, arms waving.

Usually she's so excited, she goes too fast and falls...

...but she just gets right back up.

She crosses the brick patio...

...and climbs over the pipe... get to the swings!

After she's all done (ah dah! --accompanied by a "you're out!" motion) on the swings, we head to the mail room. Along the way, she examines the local flora.

At the mailroom, Anna likes to climb out the door...

...and back in.

Sometimes it's a tight squeeze.

After one more stop at the bushes... little explorer is worn out! Time for Mama to carry her home!