Monday, July 16, 2012

anna turned 4

We have tons of photo-worthy fun since moving to California, but for some reason I just have NOT felt like blogging at all. I'm thinking you all may just get a big picasa photo album to look at if  you care to at the end of the summer.

In the mean time, I think Anna's birthday deserves its own post. Her birthday was May 3. She opened a few presents in the morning and then went to the doctor for her 4 year well check. This was not Anna's favorite part of the day and it took FOREVER, but she didn't make a peep at the shots and got stickers and a lollipop.

After the appointment, we went to a park with Daddy for lunch. Daddy came home early and took Anna swimming, which was probably the most exciting part of her day. Then we had spaghetti for dinner and  a pink birthday cake with a smiley face and only one candle, just like she wanted it.

The Saturday after her birthday, we had a party. After going to Disneyland, Anna wanted a Mickey/Minnie Mouse birthday party. I made these cupcakes (without the bows) and forgot to take a picture. I also made Mickey ears out of sticker-backed craft foam and headbands from the dollar store. Each kid either loved them or hated them.

We played in the back yard with balloons for a bit and then played pin the bow on Mickey/Minnie. Then we ate Mickey pizzas (with 3 pepperonis making Mickey on each slice) and fruit for lunch. Anna opened her presents, and then we ate cupcakes. The whole thing took an hour, which was my kind of party.

 From L to R: Nolan (friend from work's son), Johnny (from church), Leanna (a neighbor), Anna, Levi, Holden and Daely (neighbors across the hall). 

After cake, we went to the apartment playground which is right outside our door and played for half an hour till parents came. Anna made "treat bags" with Mickey stickers and some cheap toy favors from the dollar store and Target. She was VERY excited to give them out.

Anna has become a great helper at age 4, and she loves to help me chop vegetables or fruit for dinner, and make all kinds of treats. She loves to do "crafts" which means constructing all sorts of collage-y things with paper, glue, staples, stickers, tape, scissors, and paint. She loves her brother and they play lots of games together. Their current favorites are dance party, rocket ship (we wear bike helmets and sit in their closet rocket ship blasting off and landing and venturing forth until bed time), chase, hiding from dragons or lions, driving the couch car, and mulberry bush.

One of Anna's friends gave her this magnetic jewel mosaic toy for her birthday and it could not have been more perfect for her. I think she spent an hour with it that day.

Anna loves to make up and sing songs. She's learning how to write all her letters and can read a couple words. We love to read together and she (mostly) enjoys preschool. She loves swimming and has recently learned to put her face in the water with goggles on. I think some more productive swimming lessons are in her future.  

Finally, Anna loves primary and her teachers love her too. She sings all the songs, love to hear scripture stories, loves to color anything the teacher gives them, and likes her little friends there. She told me primary is not scary at all, and I'm hoping when she starts school, she'll eventually feel the same way about it. We love our little girl and laugh every day at how silly she is.