Friday, January 18, 2008

month of loves: people

I'll admit something: I arranged the schedule of topics so that I could have "people" fall on today. The person who is going to be the topic of today's post is a very new person. It's the one growing in my womb at the moment. But guess what folks! As of today, I no longer have to refer to my growing child as "it." I had an ultrasound today and Sam and I watched eagerly as the technician swept up and down and across my abdomen, pointing out facial features, major organs, and limbs. It was very cool. I especially liked seeing all four chambers of the heart beating rhythmically, and seeing the baby stretch and wiggle its fingers in front of its face and open and close its mouth.

from left to right: legs, arms, and face
to orient, the dark circle on the right side of the face is an eye

But of course, the big news came at the end when the technician got the baby's middle in view and announced, "I'm gonna call that a girl!" She swept across a few more times and pointed out what she saw and explained what she didn't see. We had some wide open views, and our child is very clearly a girl.

Hooray!!! We are so excited. We weren't hoping for one sex in particular, so there's not a bit of disappointment. And, since I know you all want to know, her name will be Anna. However, we have no idea what her middle name will be and are very open to suggestions.

a foot and heel

Our little girl has been very wiggly this week and its fun to feel her everyday. As you can see from the pictures, she's already very cute, though we're not limiting her to that definition. Sam and I talked about how we hope she's involved in sports or something athletic, and if she's anything like me, she'll enjoy racing (and beating!) the boys in her neighborhood, and getting very dirty.

I already love my little girl!


Ben, Amy, Isabelle & Olivia said...

We are SUPER excited for Belle's first girl-cousin!!!! And we have lots and lots of great things to pass on!

Anonymous said...

Great blog today! I especially liked the profile view at the end: certainly justifies the "cute" comment. And, remember Grandpa Roly talking about Doug running a full track meet in Mom's belly one night at the movies: he ended up a high jumper and basketball fiend. All the activity this week portends well.
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Wow, how fun is that! You go girls!


Anonymous said...


David is rocking Jonas to sleep right now, so he doesn't know yet, but I know I can speak for both of us and say HOORAY!!! Our kids need girl cousins and now they have just that--a plurality of girl cousins. I'm excited to see you in a few more weeks. Take care of yourself.

Love, David, Marcelle and (a hopefully sleeping) Jonas

Jon said...

How about Cordelia for a middle name.:) In honor of Anne Shirley, who, of course, always wished she had been named Cordelia.

Congratulations you two! That's an amazing ultrasound shot... You're very lucky to have gotten such a photogenic little girl.

Susan said...

oh my goodness....who is Jon....please tell him Cordelia is my favorite name. Having had 4 daughters, I cannot believe I never named any that. Mainly because Robert and I agreed that he could name the girls and I could name the boys. You know how that turned out! But I'm so happy for you. another girl in the Stay line! last!

Shannon said...

I like the name Anna! How cute. The ultrasound pics are great!