Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

an update

I have another, private blog that I use as a journal and as a place to record cute and funny things my children say and do. I haven't written in it since Levi was born and have resolved to write in it at least every Sunday. Here is most of what I posted today, as an update on our life:

Well, obviously I haven't written for a while. We've been adjusting to having two children and have been busy with lots of other things in life.

We enjoyed our time with my Mom while she was here. The last week we went to the Bluebell factory and took pictures in wildflowers in Brenham and saw the Sargent exhibit at the art museum. It was full of his early work of sea-scapes before he became famous for portraiture and of works in private collections here in Houston. I really loved the colors he used in scenes of just ocean and sky. They were beautiful pieces made when he was young and I wish he had done more like it. After the exhibit we rode the train at the zoo which Anna loved.

Soon after Mom left, we went to Dallas for Seth's farewell. He's headed to the Tahiti Papeete mission. We had a fun weekend of the brothers playing together and Ruth set up a little paradise for the little kids with a working sink, water table, and grocery store in the back yard. Anna had a marvelous time and was so sad to go. The kids did really well on the drive and we're considering a longer road trip in the future.

May 3 was Anna's second birthday. We got her a little Fisher Price tricycle and a potty. Ruth gave her a little people doll house and car and car wash. My mom got her some playdoh and accessories and a Thomas train.

I had a party for her on the 5th and invited all her little girl friends (and George) to come swimming at the pool. It was a lot of work to get all the food ready and carted to the pool, but I really thought it was worth it. Anna was so excited by everything: her friends, balloon cupcakes, the pool, new toys and puzzles, having Catherine over to help. I loved the company and the yummy food and it felt good to accomplish something substantial while I was still feeling a little overwhelmed by a new baby.

After the party, Levi fell out of his stroller and onto the concrete. I just felt peace when I saw him on the ground and knew everything would be just fine. I was grateful to have the spirit at that moment to help me be calm and have thought about that experience often since. How blessed we are to have that gift. It was such a powerful feeling that I knew came from outside myself that I've been trying to cultivate opportunities to feel and respond to the spirit since then.

Levi is a joy of a baby. Of course there are times when I can't calm his crying or when he doesn't want to sleep at night, but they're not the norm and usually I'm so distracted by Anna that it doesn't bother me as much with him as it did with her. I also know that I'm not doing something wrong which was a constant worry with Anna.

But usually, Levi is happy to lay on his playmat or sit in his bumbo and observe the world around him. He is a genuinely cute baby. He eats well and naps well and is just starting to coo and gurgle, and is losing his little newborn grunts. I love it when I talk to him and I see him looking around for me. He just gazes at me, wide-eyed while I talk or sing to him and loves to be kissed and nuzzled. We started a bedtime routine early with him and he's responding well. This week he's started waking up at just 1-2 AM and then 6-7 AM, so I'm starting to get a little more sleep.

Anna loves Levi and likes to have him hug her. She also loves it when we make him dance or do actions to songs. Sometimes she brings him toys while he's laying on the ground or sings songs to him. I think she'll enjoy entertaining him as he gets older.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

feeling crafty?

I can't say no to this project. Because a) it's for a good cause b) it's easy c) I have an excuse to use up some cute scrap fabric I have d) I can enter a giveaway and e) I am SO into my new sewing machine. So jump on this bandwagon and do some service!

P.S. I found these online today. After seeing those pictures, I piled the kids in the car to go buy a pound of brown sugar so I could make them during nap time. I may have already eaten about 10 of them. If only I could send those to Iraq war widows. I bet they could use them.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

out with the old, in with the new

Yesterday I said goodbye to my trusty little Ford Escort. It was 11 years old and full of good memories.

Mom and I drove to and from seminary and school nearly every day of high school in that car. Mom heard all about the days' hopes and tests and highs and lows on those five-minute drives.

I learned to drive and passed the driving test in that car.

I felt the thrill of teenage freedom driving to the metroparks to sit by myself or going to and from parties, malt shops, and thrift stores with friends with the music up a little too loud.

Once the Mystique died in college, Mom and Dad gave me and Steve the Escort to share. We drove it to California one weekend together and just hung out at the beach and Grandma's house.

That was the summer I started dating Sam and he says we had our first kisses in the car in the Escort. I'm pretty sure that's what we were driving on the day we got engaged nearly a year later.

I learned how to change the brakes, change a tire, fix a headlight, and take care of plenty of other minor maintenance issues on it.

And since we've moved to Texas, it's gotten me to work, doctors' appointments, playgroups, lunch dates with Sam, and anywhere else I wanted to go.

Sadly, just before the end of last year, the transmission died and we've only been able to drive in second gear, so no faster than 40, and that was a stretch. It started shaking while it idled and the rotors got warped, so it took longer to brake than usual, and we decided it was time to finally say goodbye.

After a little research, Sam made the painstakingly slow drive up to Carmax and traded her in. She served us well yet again and we got the blue book value for it. I went up to meet him and sign some papers later that evening and drove home in this, a 2008 Ford Escape.

I can't wait for all the memories yet to be made.