Monday, January 07, 2008

little bump

That's usually how I refer to my belly these days: my little bump. (This is a picture of me last Sunday, at the beginning of my 18th week). I have an ultrasound scheduled for January 18th, so hopefully, I can call it he or she after that. People have asked if I have any feelings about what the baby will be. I haven't had any dreams, strong feelings, or anything to make me lean one way or another, but considering the boy to girl ratio in my and Sam's families makes me suspect it'll be boy. And Grandma Holt, when she found out I was pregnant said, "Well, don't get your hopes up, dear. It'll be a boy." And whose to argue with a sagacious grandparent? The nice thing is, neither of us really care what our first child is, as long as its healthy. We've got time to have more.

I've loved the last few weeks. We spent Christmas with Sam's family in Dallas. We had a great time playing, watching movies, cooking, eating, and doing a Christmas pageant. On the 26th, I left Dallas and flew to Cleveland. It was so nice to see my parents and grandparents. Mom did a wonderful job of outfitting both me with maternity clothing and my unborn child with baby clothes. Thank you thank you! I also had a marvelous time visiting with friends both from church and high school. I wish I could see them more often. They are amazing!
I also got to see my brother Doug and his family and meet Steve's fiance, Rachel, who is as beautiful and kind and smart as everyone told me she is. I'm excited for them to get married, and hope Steve realizes how blessed he is!

Since I've been home from my trip, I've done laundry, grocery shopping, deep cleaning, exercise, and baby preparations. I found a changing table at Goodwill. It's in great shape and was a great price and will infinitely increase our shelf space in the baby's room since there currently isn't any. It's such a pleasure to take care of my home and family, especially when I have such an adoring and appreciative husband who notices the cleaning and thinks my cooking is wonderful :)

Happy New Year!!

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lizzie said...

Cute little bump. I'm excited to find out if it is a boy or girl. We thought it was about time to add a girl to the extended family, but apparently boys predominate in the Heiselt genes. We don't have much evidence from my side yet. I'm sure girls are great, but I sure do love being outnumbered.