Tuesday, December 08, 2009

the dirt

Just in case you hadn't heard, here's all the significant news from the Cosby front:

1) We're having a baby. It's due April 26th.

2) "It" is a boy, which is what we both wanted. So we're really happy.

3) We're moving to Reading, England sometime during the first quarter of 2010.

Sam is in Reading now which is why I'm blogging at 10 PM. We miss him a whole lot and hope the move happens sooner rather than later so that a) we can be together rather than apart and b) I can find a midwife/OB before the baby decides to show up. In the mean time, rather than share all the details about all the things I don't know about (names for the baby, where we'll live, when we'll leave, how long we'll be there, what we're doing with all our stuff) here are a few of the cute pictures my sister-in-law Anna took of us over Thanksgiving break on a super windy day with a super wiggly little girl.