Wednesday, January 30, 2008

month of loves: ice cream

This week we went to Piccomolo Italian Ice Cream i.e. gelato. Yummy yummy yummy. It's not our first trip, but I did try two different flavors this time. I went for Turtle Cheescake and German Chocolate.

Usually, I go for fruit flavors with gelato. It's so much creamier than ice cream, but has the strong flavor of a sorbet which means that you get wonderfully creamy, delicious fruit, and that is hard to come by in almost any other context. In fact, my favorite thing to get at Piccomolo is strawberry and pistachio together. It's absolutely wonderful. My sister-in-law got the raspberry this time and it was equally amazing.

So back to turtle cheesecake. It was carmel-y at first, but then you tasted the cream cheesiness and there were little bits of crust in it. Alone it was good, with the chocolate it was better, and the chocolate alone was best. It was nice and dark chocolate.

Here's the moral of this post: when you're eating gelato, get a fruit flavor. Or mix the fruit flavor with a nut or chocolate flavor. But don't go for anything else-- it's just fancy ice cream.

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