Wednesday, August 26, 2015

december 2014

I finally figured out where these pictures were stored on our new (meaning our less-old) computer, so I can finally finish up last year. I'm just a little bit behind....

The first weekend in December is always the Exxon Holiday party. It's always great. This year the kids received these teddy bears after sitting on Santa's lap and they are still a favorite.

These graham cracker houses were a spur of the moment idea to deal with some stir crazies and some need for holiday excitement. They were a huge success all around. 

Anna went to the coolest birthday party ever for her friend Meryn. It was at Rocky Top Ranch in NRH. The girls played on the playground and fed the farm animals. Then they ate some hot dogs her dad had grilled while the girls were playing. After cupcakes were horse rides, a hay ride, and smores the girls cooked themselves on the fire. It was the perfect crisp fall day and the girls just got to run and play, get dirty, and be kids. It was a magical afternoon.

Levi started drawing all Star Wars all the time. Here's Yoda fighting Darth Vader.

Anna had a speaking part to open her school holiday concert. She was nervous, but we practiced speaking loudly and used a little foot tapping trick to speak slowly enough. She did great. First there was a concert for the whole school in the afternoon.

And then another in the evening for parents

Emily was cute, of course. This might have been her first little pig tail.

Katrina let us borrow Naomi's dress from Seth and Natalie's wedding so the girls could match for church. What you can't see is that Anna is also wearing red glittery shoes like Emily. After taking a few pictures, Levi wanted to wear his silver bow tie from the wedding and join in.

One night we walked around downtown Grapevine to see all the Christmas lights and decorations. They call themselves the Christmas Capitol of Texas, so there was a lot to see! The kids really loved it, especially the synchronized light and music display by where we parked. Later, Van and Ruth took the kids for a sleepover and Sam, Emily, and I went on a quiet dinner date. It was nice and sorely needed.

Christmas Morning! The best present under the tree.

Our three little elves.

We flew to my parents' house on Christmas day. There was lots of snow to play in, so we went sledding, built snow men and snow forts, and drove around Salem pond to see the lights while we sang Christmas carols. I loved getting to see lots of my cousins from both the Holt and Stay sides of the family, but mostly I loved seeing my kids have fun with their cousins. They are great friends.

At the new and improved Bean Museum in Provo.

Gabriel loved to give kisses!