Wednesday, December 31, 2008

anna's first christmas

Thanks for the cute sweater, Daddy!


lizzie said...

Heather, I see so much of you in her, especially in the second picture. What a cutie.

Susan said...

she looks like she had a ball...especially with the bows and paper...typical for that age. It was fun seeing you all...could you share that mac and cheese recipe you were making last Sunday?

Jon said...

She is adorable! Thanks again for coming to visit us on Monday. It was great to see you all and catch up. Hope no one got sick!

Laurie said...

Ha! Those are great photos. Merry Christmas

Jodie said...

Haha! I so remember you, and stalk you, too. :) You're in my GoogleReader account. I'm glad you check my blog as well.

Emily said...

This looks familiar...wrapping paper in the mouth, bewildered look on the face. It's funny that we spoil them on their first Christmas when they really have no idea what's going on!

Jodie said...

I got it from the Sew Mama Sew! store. It's called the emmeline apron.

go to
click on "sewing patterns"
click on "sew liberated patterns"
it's the second one, you can't miss it.

I'm sure you could also get it at their website (, I think(.

Happy sewing.