Monday, January 12, 2009


Here are some more pictures from our Christmas vacation to Ohio. Most were taken by my sister-in-law Lesli, but I took a few with her camera. My oh my what a difference a good camera and a little photoshop know-how can do for pictures.

Anna in the Johnny Jump-Up I used as a baby. She loves it. We brought it home.

With cousin Daniel, who is not so sure of Anna's affectionate face-whaps

Daniel testing out the awesome bow and arrows my dad made for him

Cute Steve and Rachel who surprised us all with the news that they're expecting a baby in July!

Mom said, "That hat had been well-loved by a family who gave it to me when I had Doug [the second-oldest in my family]." We all used it and now it's on the heads of a new generation. That is one cute, well-made 40-year-old hat

I took the following photos. I'm so proud.

Lesli took the rest of these. She's so good.

The whole group. We all look a little gigantic, but I like it nonetheless.

We missed you Mike, Miriam, Aidan, Marty, William, Karen, Peter, Elizabeth, Dave, Marcelle, Jonas, and little Maggie!


Marci said...

I love Anna's cheeks popping out of the hat...too cute!

Laurie said...

Love all the photos! Great job!

tpmotd said...

We ARE all a little gigantic.

Tiffany said...

Love the Christmas dress...cute pics Heath!

Shannon said...

I love Anna's ruby red slippers!!!

Susan said...

you ARE giants in love and those ruby red slippers...I want to go home!

Katie Primm said...

You are giants! Your family is so tall! :)