Thursday, December 18, 2008

mother and child

I was 14 when I sang the Magnificat at York Minster Cathedral. I had recently learned that Mary was about my age when she learned from the angel Gabriel that she had been chosen to be the virgin mother of the Son of God. I couldn't stop thinking about it. What an incredible young woman she must have been, with a soul that magnified and rejoiced in the Lord, who already knew something of His grace, His mercy, and His might. She was a young woman who pondered.

I wanted to be like her. I didn't want (or expect) such a grand mission, but I wanted the Lord to know who I was and know He could call on me by name, and that I would say, "Be it unto me according to thy word." I couldn't stop thinking about it. I felt a connection with her, and wished I could meet her and ask her... so many things.

Now, as a mother, I wonder so much more. Did His face glow when He slept, like my Anna? Where did He take His first steps? Was He a cuddly baby? Did you wonder, as I do, how you will prepare Him? Did you find yourself praying all the time to your Father, to His Father? Was it lonely, and joyful, and trying, and strengthening?


My friend (I hope I can call you that!), Sarah, asked her own question that still has me thinking. Read it here.


Sarah Louise said...
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Sarah Louise said...

Heather Cosby, you and I will always be friends. Some friends don't need much time together to know they're a good idea.

You are a good idea. I'm trying to be one, too.

Thank you for this lovely post. I love to think of you being young and thoughtful and considerate of Mary. She's a woman who could have used more tenderness in her life, I'd guess. That seems to be the way of it, maybe even for most of us.