Thursday, December 11, 2008

shaking our tail feathers

I feel like I haven't blogged in a long time. When I look at my blog I realize it's only been about a week since my last post, but I think the last few posts haven't been very substantive. I have lots of pictures and experiences to share, but I don't want to have another huge post of dumped information, so I've decided to use blogger's cool function of choosing the date your blog is published, so I only have to get on my computer and blog once, and you get fresh posts day after day! Pretty darn awesome. So here's post number one.

We had a great Thanksgiving break. Well, with one exception. It started after Sam took the GMAT. He did really well and got about the best score in the range he was expecting. (I'm so proud of him!) He came home and we rehashed the test, and Sam chose a restaurant to celebrate at. We went to Palio's Pizza which was excellent-- just delicious.

That night however, when I got up to feed Anna, I didn't feel so hot, and in the morning, I felt a lot like I did the last time I had food poisoning. We all ended up staying home from church. I traveled back and forth between the bed and the bathroom while Sam took care of Anna and made sure I didn't hit my head every time I passed out. That night, around 11, it hit Sam, and both of us were up till around 3 when we finally could get some sleep. Sam had it worse than I did, but it was over quickly. I didn't eat much of anything for three days. Unfortunately (?) it wasn't food poisoning or the flu (we all got flu shots) and we passed it on to our friends and their twins who passed it on to others. We are still so sorry....

By the big day, however, all of us were back in tip-top shape and on Thanksgiving morning we ran the Katy Turkey Trot 5K. Sam was good enough to take Anna after the first mile. I was glad to finish in less than half an hour, though it was probably the slowest 5K I've ever run. At least I didn't walk! This is us pre-race.

Afterwards they had powerade and fruit as well as breakfast burritos from Berryhill, pizza, and Coldstone ice cream, which I very much enjoyed. Anna was pretty good natured, but got hungry and tired near the end. I think it just motivated Sam to run a little faster.

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McDonald Family said...

Sorry y'all got sick. Those tamales from Berryhill look so good....We'll have to come and visit sometime. Pete