Monday, December 15, 2008

sun and snow

Most places I've lived have crazy weather. It seems like every time there are major fluctuations, someone says, "Welcome to (Ohio, Utah, Texas...wherever my current locale is)!" But never in all my 24 long years have I experienced such major temperature differences from day to day as here in Texas. Let me give you our ten day history:

12/4: high 40's
12/5: mid 40's
12/6: 60's
12/7: high 60's
12/8: low 70's
12/9: high 70's (we all wore shorts)
12/10: mid 30's (and SNOW!)
12/11: low 50's
12/12: low 60's
12/13: low 70's
12/14: high 70's
12/15: high 30's


Nonetheless, Anna and I take several walks a day. Here's how we cope:


Meg Ruth said...

I'm pretty sure you have the cutest child I've ever seen.

Sorry about the insane weather!

heather said...

Thanks Megan! I'm pretty sure I do too :)

rusted sun said...

I agree, this is the strangest weather I have ever experienced in my life. I have to check the weather everyday before I get the kids dressed

Rebecca Holt Stay said...

Love the slippers!
And the look on Anna's face as she is bundled up in the pink softy blanket.
The look reminds me of Jonas last year when we took him to a "Polar Bear Day" at the Cleveland Zoo (temp below freezing = half price admission to the zoo). Very cold, very confused kid.