Thursday, June 07, 2007

try number two

After a recent email conversation with my friend Liz, I decided to try my hand at blogging again. I'm a regular on facebook, but I like words and pictures and links to all go together, and a blog seems more suited to that.

I must be honest, I'm a little wary of keeping a regular blog. It seems a little presumptuous to me to think that anyone would care to check it regularly. Of course, there are blogs that I check regularly, mostly to keep up with friends and family, and I suppose that they would check up on my blog to do the same thing, but one can never be sure. So, I think if this blog succeeds (read: last for more than five posts like my last blog), it will be more because it is a satisfaction to me than because of its merit to anyone else.
With this in mind, welcome to my blog.

1 comment:

Susan said...

you are now on my list of blogs that I check every single day.