Saturday, June 09, 2007

saturday is a special day

Like most people I know, Sam and I really like Saturdays for what we don't have to do on them. With this luxury we slept in, read books, read the paper, browsed the internet, lazed. Sam made a delicious buffalo-chicken salad for dinner. But we also like Saturdays for what they allow us to get done. Today was a particularly productive day. Sam cleaned the battery terminals on our car and bought a fire extinguisher and I went grocery shopping. We also did some things together. First, we hung some pictures above our bed-- which is always more work than it seems it should be.

Then we bought a vacuum. It's no Dyson, but it sure sucks well and has some nifty tools. It is a little creepy to be able to see all the dirt in your house flying around in a little plastic tornado.

Our final accomplishment of the day was committing ourselves to two years of monthly bills to T-Mobile. We got a family myFaves plan. This means that I can choose any 5 numbers and call them for free. Other than Sam, I'm having a tough time deciding who they should be. If you want to be one of my faves, leave me a message in passionate language describing why I should pick you. In the mean time, Happy Saturday!


Susan said...

i won't waste one of your 5 FAVs but I'll privately send you my free 888#. That way you can call from any pay phone at the mall and chat. don't even need a nickel.

D said...

Wait, what did you do before you had a vaccum, just wait for the cocroaches to take care of everything? I guess that would work, I mean, it's Texas, the cockroaches have got to be the size of kittens. In Texas the small children ride around on them and have bumper car races with them.