Friday, February 25, 2005

as promised OR an exercise for heather to learn how to create in-text links

Here's the list (so far) of the ideal husband:
1 A man who loves God above all else.
2 He uses the priesthood righteously and puts the needs of others before his own.
3 He is inquisitive and self-reflective.
4 He loves music and enjoys singing.
5 He plays an instrument
6 He loves finding connections in the scriptures and looks for deeper meaning within them.
7 He actively pursues ways to make himself a better person.
8 He values education and learns about things outside the realm of college just because he's interested.
9 He is clean and hygenic.
10 He likes the way I dress and the way I cook .
11 He knows how to take care of our cars.
12 He thinks old people are cool
13 He likes trying new things
14 He loves the outdoors
15 He's willing to go to big cities
16 He's willing to go to museums and looks for something good in the experience
17 He makes me laugh.
18 He laughs at me
19 He tells me what he's thinking about
20 He likes movies
21 He'll exercise and support me in exercising.
22 He'll work hard at what he does and look for the positive in his job
23 He likes to read
24 He wants to travel
25 He's willing to live frugally so we can travel
26 He helps me to live frugally
27 He loves his parents and brothers and sisters
28 He thinks kids are cool
29 He dances with me
30 He lets me turn the music up loud
31 He lets me take pictures
32 He likes my family
33 He thinks I'm pretty even when I don't have make-up on
34 He opens doors for me
35 He often tells me he loves me, especially in front of our kids
36 He doesn't get embarrassed easily
37 He doesn't watch a lot of TV
38 He is tactful
39 He is patient
40 He lets me drive sometimes
41 He likes sunrises and sunsets
42 He can get up early
43 He can stay up late
44 He's not meanly sarcastic
45 He thinks I'm hot
46 He buys generic brand and second hand
47 He's tall
48 He knows how to fix stuff
49 He fixes stuff for other people
50 He owns a cozy sweatshirt
51 He's creative
52 He will climb trees or mountains with me
53 He will accept any calling in the church
54 He will put his dishes in the sink after dinner
55 He stays worthy of the Holy Ghost
56 He appreciates art
57 He prays with our family each night
58 He reads the scriptures daily
59 He talks privately with our children and is their friend
60 He builds things with our kids
61 He doesn't mind not having potatoes very often
62 He will let me name our children
63 He will buy me flowers
64 He helps me in the garden
65 He helps me clean our house
66 He reads to our kids
67 He is naturally happy
68 He forgives easily
69 He is not easily offended
70 He's cute


tpmotd said...

Heather Stay is a funny funny girl. He'll find you some day, Heather. Just think, he's out there... hunting... for um... truffles. Yes... you are just the love truffle he's searching for with his love truffle piggies.

midge said...

Sorry, Heather. I already got him.

Rebecca Holt Stay said...

Hum. . . sounds suspiciously like a tall cute blonde I found in the summer of 1972 . . .

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