Friday, June 08, 2007

bobby pins from sammy-kins

It's the little things that really prove someone's love, right? At least, that's what we learn from Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer and I'm prone to believe it. Take for example, the actions of my husband yesterday evening. He came home from a stop at the supermarket with a small package of bobby pins for me. But these weren't just any bobby pins. Some background: every time we've gone to the a super-walmart, -target, -Smith's, -Albertsons for the past several weeks I've looked for these special curved bobby pins that don't stick out from my head. No one carried them. Not one single curved bobby pin, just the shoddy plastic tipped nightmares. So yesterday when Sam was perusing the aisles of Kroger and saw the bobby pin section, he looked at every single package they had and brought me home a whole box of beautifully curved, head-hugging bobby pins. What a man.


D said...

Wait, people still use bobby pins? I thought those were a relic from another age, like curlers and butter churns.

Karen Ahlstrom said...

It's like when I asked Peter to get copies of our apartment keys (about a year ago) and of his own accord he got me one with pink hearts on it. Every time I opened the door, it made me happy to think of my husband who loves me.