Monday, January 26, 2015

emily's nursery reveal

I am thrilled to be able to finally share Emily's nursery. We've been working on it since before she was born. Let me walk you through it!

Let's start with the dresser/changing table/night stand combo. This was a free piece of furniture from some friends in Massachusetts. I decided to keep the original hardware and honey finish because I have a thing for late 90's. Our alarm clock from Sam's high school days ties in with that theme.

The papers spilling out from the two organizational items I've given Sam to corral his stuff fits with the shabby chic vibe I'm going for, emphasis on shabby.

Notice the poop stain on the changing table cover. I love when things have some life and story to them. Also, I like to have a mix of name brand and store brand products for baby care because I never want anything to be too matchy-matchy. 

Here's the pack-and-play that Emily occasionally naps in when it's not being used for holding my clean laundry straight from the dryer. It's too big to fit through the doorway, so all my plans of moving it back and forth from room to room went out the window. Sometimes you've got to roll with the punches when you DIY!

I have hated the color and pattern on this thing since I bought it, but it was the cheapest model and we weren't really in the market for splurge items at the time. However, I love the functionality of having some extra storage space below when the bassinet is attached. I still have the blanket that was hiding all the kids Christmas presents left in there. See! Our house really doesn't look like a magazine 24/7, no matter what it may seem like from the other pictures on this blog!

And here's the woman of the hour! I wanted something really special, just for Emily, so I bought some washable Crayola markers for her to suck on. I can totally tell the difference. Trust me guys. So glad I splurged on that one.

Here's the nursing and sleeping portion of Emily's nursery. It might look like it's in a different room, but that's because it is. Think I'm walking all the way upstairs when she's crying in the middle of the night? Think again. Ain't nobody got time fo' dat! (Here's where that gif would go if I were savvy enough to know how to embed gifs.)

I try to keep things casual in here so I've avoided cleaning, for the most part. Also, window dressings are a no-go according to our rental agreement, so that made our decorating decisions significantly easier. Emily is playing with the blanket I crocheted for her and wearing the sweater my mom knitted for her from the left-over yarn. When she's sleepy, she hooks her fingers through the holes of the blanket and pulls it towards her while turning her head so her cheek rubs against it. Seriously, it's the cutest, most heart-warming thing I've ever seen. 

Finally, the hamper and diaper pail. I was planning on hand-quilting an organic cotton liner for the hamper, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Maybe next week!

Hope you enjoyed the tour! Here's a source list in case you'd like to replicate the look in your own home:

Dresser: Free from friends
Changing pad: Came with a changing table I got on freecycle which is currently used for storage upstairs
Pack-n-Play: Babies-R-Us
Rocking chair: Gift from in-laws
Ottoman: Hand-me-down from in-laws
Rocking sleeper: Hand-me-down from Sam's brother and sister and was originally a gift to her from my in-laws
Mini bookshelf: Free from my college roommate
Hamper: Dollar Tree
Diaper Pail: Target

Check in next time to see what we've done to organize our half-a-tiny-closet-sized pantry. Here's a hint: NOTHING!

*Of course this is a joke. I love beautiful nurseries and found myself wishing I had the space, time, money, and talent to make one. Then I remembered my beautiful happy healthy baby and how she adores me and the blanket I made her, and how happy and easy and convenient our life is, and this idea was born. I hope you and your beautifully decorated home aren't too offended.


Marci said...

Haha! This was awesome! Especially because I started thinking out you were totally serious about having a thing for the late 90s :-)!

D said...

That was pretty funny, Heather.

Holly said...

That's great! My #6 got a bassinet, then a crib, tucked into the corner of my bedroom. I did put a sign with his name (that someone else made) above it to complete the decor. He never complained.