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july 2014

Emily overload!!! July was a fun and busy month. Also, I didn't get much sleep. But that first month with newborns is so precious! My mom and I decided she should come to stay with us as I was headed to the hospital (the second time). So last minute, she booked a flight from Germany and stayed with us for 10 wonderful days. There's nothing like having your mom there after you've had a baby. Not only do you not feel bad asking them to be awake at all hours or do nasty post-baby laundry, but you also get to talk about all those deep things that well up when your hormones are all shifty.

These two were also thrilled to have Grandma Becky around. 

So many people brought us so much food. We didn't cook for weeks. This was a cute pudding dessert in a pail. The kids thought it was amazing. 

The ice cream truck was on our summer bucket list. We were excited to get to check it off. And the kids were excited to eat ice cream in the middle of dinner.

So much LOVE!

Look at how satisfied she is with herself. Best big sister ever.

I caught a smile!

Oh baby yawns! They always make me think of that the strong bad email about anime mouths. "Real tiny when it's closed. Ridiculously huge when it's open!"

There was a lot of this in July.

Puppet show!

She was still hungry.

I made this hungry caterpillar costume for my friend's son and she graciously sent it back to me so I could take pictures of Emily in it. 

I love the crazy positions they'll sleep in.

These two were inseparable. It was adorable. I'm so glad I had her in the summer when the kids got to spend all day with her, watching her grow. 

 Mom just whipped up these doll costumes while she was here. She's amazing.

Ruth and Van brought John and Anna's boys down from Nebraska to stay for a week. It was fun to get some cousin time in with them.

She lost her umbilical cord stump really early, so she was so tiny for her first bath!

Our family on the day she was blessed. Sam gave a beautiful and thoughtful blessing, and we were surrounded by friends and family.

Everyone who came for the blessing: Natalie and Seth, Amber and Madison Schultz, David and Marcelle and children Jonas, Maggie, and Gabriel, Doug and Daniel Summerstay, Van and Ruth, Gordon and Katrina and children Caleb and Naomi, Jacob and Lauren and Daniel.

David and Marcelle were in the middle of their move from California to Alabama and we were on their way. Thankfully, it worked out that they could be here for Emily's blessing. They arrived the night before and stayed at a hotel, so we got to see them for the first time as we all walked into the chapel together.

After the blessing, the Stays came to our house for lunch. We had baked french toast, baked oatmeal, fruit, and sausage.

These two girls had a marvelous time with dolls and dress up. Anna did Maggie's hair here.

Amber and Madison gave us this darling bracelet. It was Madison's when she was a baby and she wanted to pass it on to a new baby.

The next day, Dave and Marcelle prepared for the last leg of their long trip and then we all went to the Grapevine Dove pool. Even Emily got into the water. Then, unfortunately, it was time to say goodbye to Dave and his family.

Half the Stays.

Doug and Daniel were kind enough to come visit and break up our long summer. We went to the Fort Worth Water Gardens for the first time and then to the Kimball Art Museum which I really enjoyed. It was the perfect size for kids. 

We spent another day at the Perot Museum and their special exhibit was of giant dinosaurs, including the Alamosaurus.

Doug spent a lot of time holding Emily for me. Like all the Stay men in my family, he's really good with babies-- patient and willing to walk and sing and talk to them.

One month!

We did some putt-putt while Anna was at art camp one day.

Cousin selfie!

Daniel caught these two precious shots from the back seat.

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Rebecca Holt Stay said...

Soooo cool that Doug and David both got there at the SAME TIME! I loved that.
And knowing Emily now, it is so cool to look back and find her in those early baby photos.