Monday, March 16, 2015

august 2014

August was all about relaxing and playing before school started and loving on Emily.

Matching sisters

This was a common occurrence. Anna really got into chapter books last summer. It's been fun to see her love for reading blossom.

The kids playing with a castle building set we bought in Germany. 

The Cosby kids detective headquarters (and trap!) The kids played detectives for this whole day and then off and on for the rest of the week. They made cases and took notes on clues in notebooks. They built the whole fort. It was so cute. This was also the day they snuck the jar of nutella outside with two spoons while I was feeding Emily.

The kids put all our soft blankets on the stairs and slid down them. Then Anna decided it would be fun for all kids and made a welcome sign and rules. I love that they have time to do these kinds of things in the summer time.

(This was posted on our front door)
Fuzzy Stairs grand Reopening! owned by Cosby kids. A Fuzzy fun stairwell. Fun for kids. 1 at a time.

Boys and girls welcome to Fuzzy Stairs a plase (place) for fun and kindness. We are the Cosby kids. Now I will tell you the things you can do. 
1. be naked 
2. eat anything 
3. play in play-room 
4. be kind
5. play outside
6. watch TV cilectronics (electronics)
7. play ipad
8. have fun!

Levi took these two photos

One morning Anna used her scrap fabric to design this dress for her doll. It is a wedding dress for a wedding in Hawaii.

Grandma Becky brought these fairy wings, crown, and wand from Germany. 

First day of school!!!!!! First Grade!

Second day of school! I just thought her outfit was cute. 

And here's lots of Emily cuteness from August 

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Rebecca Holt Stay said...

I love it all!
Especially the homemade nature of the fun. Wonderful memories