Friday, November 22, 2013


The day before graduation, the Sloan School had an MBA convocation. It was at the beautiful Wang Theater. We only had 4 tickets, so Anna came with me and Sam's parents while Joe (Sam's little brother) stayed with Levi.

I'm really glad we had this event before hand because we got to be close and see Sam process in with his class mates and feel the excitement of graduation in a smaller setting. It was exciting and bittersweet and I shed a couple tears thinking about how hard we both worked to get here and about what we'd be leaving behind.

I told Sam to wave when he saw the camera

 Anna saw her friend Karisma there who had come to see her daddy Abishek graduate. Her little brother Ayush was asleep on his mom's shoulder. We lived one building over from their family and were so glad we got to become friends. Before we left we all got together for one last delicious Indian lunch that Deepna prepared for us.

Later that night there was a Sloan School reception at the top of the Prudential Tower.

A view of Fenway and the Citgo sign

Harvard bridge over the Charles and the MIT Dome (to the right of the bridge in the photo). We lived along the river at the far left of this picture.

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