Sunday, March 06, 2011

anna cosby's 30 second shred

I recently bought this workout video for $1 on Amazon. Anna joined me in exercising to it one morning and afterward, we made our own little workout video. Pull on your sweats, get a bottle of water, and enjoy! (Hand weights are optional, though not recommended as you might hurt yourself if you try to mimic the instructor's form...)

P.S. Anna is wearing her "running shoes" that I mentioned here that were given to us in a bag of hand-me-down boy clothes for Levi. She also has to pull up her pants so they make shorts whenever she runs or exercises since shorts are the proper exercise attire.

P.P.S. We are so grateful to have this $50 thrift store couch that our kids can eat on, build forts on, and use as a trampoline. This winter has been brutal and having a little rumpus on the couch has saved us from going crazy many a time.

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JP said...

Too cute! I feel thinner already! Anna is really quite the character, isn't she??