Tuesday, March 29, 2011

happy birthday levi!

Levi then

Levi now
Levi is 1!!!!

The last year has gone by so quickly, and though I loved cuddling with little, tiny newborn Levi, I am very excited to have almost-toddler Levi storming around the house and making us laugh at every turn.

The day before, Levi had his 1 year check-up. He's 21 lbs 9 oz which is 25-50th %ile for weight and 28-30 in tall (...I forget...) which is about 75 %ile for height, and he certainly looks long and lean right now compared with a few months ago. After the doctor, we brought cupcakes- which Anna also helped me make- to our playgroup.

Anna made this card for Levi. It says, "Happy Birthday Levi" and she wrote many of the letters all by herself, and the others I held her hand while we made them

Anna drew the picture on the front. It's a pink spiral birthday cake with yellow candles and red sprinkles. There's also a little balloon just left of center.

We kept things relatively simple (aside from way too much baking for one day) for Levi's actual birthday. I hung up our "happy birthday" banner and Anna helped me wrap up Levi's presents. Grandma Ruth sent some adorable clothes and PJs and fun helicopter (which is teaching us how to take turns...) and then I bought a few kinds of puffs. It looked like quite the pile and Anna was very excited to have a party.

Birthday morning

Birthday afternoon

Birthday evening

The beloved helicopter

Our cake was the cake from this recipe with Ina Garten's soul-healing peanut butter frosting. It's definitely ranks in the top 10 cakes I've ever eaten. I gush over every piece, and I'm not even really a cake person!

Once Sam came home, we ate dinner, sang, and opened some presents. Anna got some PJ's too and loves them. They're her new running clothes, which, if you've read the last few posts, you know is quite a big deal. Levi loved his cake, though he was much more tidy with than Anna was on her first birthday. Still, we can't eat the left overs in front of him without him yelling and reaching for it.

Levi loved his froggy card

Levi has always been and continues to be a very happy boy. He loves to play with toys and take things out of their containers. He laughs all the time, especially at his sister. He plays pat-a-cake, and peek-a-boo all by himself now. He'll pull absolutely anything over his eyes and then pull it away to hear us say, "Where's Levi? Peek-a-boo!" He's a speedy crawler, but can't stop squealing with delight when we pull out the walker. He loves to chase after Anna, cars, balls, and Mommy. He loves to clap and give high-fives. Levi loves tickles and cuddles and gets lots of both. But the thing Levi is known for at church, playgroup, and what people comment on wherever we go is how happy and easy-going he is. He is a wonderful, peaceful boy to have around and I can't wait to see him learn and grow during this next year.

Happy Birthday Levi! We love you!


Marcelle said...

Happy Birthday Levi!

Meg Ruth said...

How does time go by so fast!? So darling!

Marc and Miriam Deru said...

Happy birthday! Already?! He's an adorable mix between you. I love the overalls!

Your last post was funny--true to life stuff is the funniest, isn't it? I'm sure you'll read that to Levi on his future birthdays!

JP said...

Happy birthday Levi! He's sooooo cute!

Marci said...

I can't believe he is one already!!! Happy Birthday Levi! He is adorable :-)!

rusted sun said...

Happy Birthday Levi! You are a lucky boy to have been born into such a wonderful family.

Rebecca Holt Stay said...

My cheeks hurt just from looking at these happy kids. Missing you already.