Tuesday, February 17, 2009

we love each other

February has been a fun month. It is definitely making up for January.

I got really excited for Valentine's Day this year, or rather, I got really excited for Valentine's Day, as usual. I made these cute little valentines for Anna's cousins and grandparents. We stripped Anna down to her diaper and went into the bathroom. The moment I grabbed her hand to paint it, she started screaming and balling up her hand and trying to pull away, so a few turned out pretty blurry, but by the third or fourth, Anna resigned herself to the process and sat screaming and pathetic, but limp!, throughout the rest of the process and the cards turned out really well.

I dressed Anna in pink and red all week, mostly just because I could. This is one of my favorite outfits.

On Saturday, Sam and I got a babysitter and went to lunch at Thai House. They serve the rice that comes with your meal in the shape of a heart. I got Pad Se Ewe. It was deliciously peanutty and now I want to find a recipe for it. By the way, does anyone know how Asian take-out restaraunts get their meat the way they do? Like a 50 cent-piece-sized cornflake of pork?

After lunch we walked around the Bayou and got the best ice cream I've ever had in my entire life at The Chocolate Bar. I got Snow Berry which is vanilla ice cream with their chocolate covered strawberries ground up in it, and Orange Sunrise which is dark chocolate ice cream with flakes of orange flavored chocolate in it. It was amazingly creamy but not as smoothe as gelato (which I consider a good thing in this case). I wish it were closer.

That evening, we watched the Allen's twin girls. Anna was fascinated by them and they seemed to be equally as entertained. Anna had really been trying to crawl and watched their technique carefully, though she didn't get it that night. Once Laurie and Brett came home, we took Anna home and our friend Catherine played with her, bathed her, and put her to bed for us while we went to our stake's Valentine's Day dinner and dance. We had a lovely dinner with some other members of our ward and then helped cut and serve the 24 homemade cakes that the Craigs baked and decorated for the event. Sam and I danced the first dance and then went home to relieve Catherine.

It was a wonderful day with all the people I love most. Happy Valentine's Day!


Marci said...

The ice cream with chocolate covered strawberries in it sounds heavenly!

Laurie said...

That is a really cute outfit! She has the best clothes, I swear! I should take some fashion tips from her.

Ben, Amy, Isabelle & Olivia said...

We loved the Valentine card from Anna!!! Belle is all about getting mail so it was perfect! She is looking so grown-up in those pictures with her jeans on. Too cute! I'm glad you and Sam enjoyed a night out...it's always good for the soul!

kimlis said...

It's interesting how different wards/stakes have different thoughts about what their activity will be. Lorain had appetizers (a lot of crackers and cheese, and a lot of bean dips and chips, bbq meatballs, veggies and dip, zweiback and dip, etc.) Delicious punch. Desserts including 3-layer cake, chocolate cheesecake drizzled with raspberry sauce, brownies, and heart-shaped cookies. The food was worth the effort to attend. About 40-50 showed up. There was music by 'no name band' with Angelo Amato on drums and Scott Rasmussen on guitar and singing. There was a 'newlywed' game of two panels of four. Your parents did extremely well as did Hatches and Falkes and some of the younger couples. Dani Amatto attempted to teach everyone Zuumba. There were two couples, a sister, and the Bishop who did really well.
Sandusky had food and a skit about HT/VT and how love makes all the difference.
C and I think Anna is really cute and getting so big.