Saturday, February 21, 2009

she's got skill

Anna is such a skilled baby these days. Just see what she can do.

Anna's daring first manifested itself in the bathtub. I reached over to get her washcloth and when I turned around, she was standing up. Now it's all she'll do in the tub. Please excuse the dirtiness of the tub. Even with bleach we fight a losing battle with the mold here in Texas.

Then, on the Sunday after Valentine's Day (when she got to observe her master-crawler friends Brooklynn and Katelynn) I set Anna on the floor after changing her diaper, and off she went, crawling toward the humidifier that has long fascinated her. None of her crawling since then has been so fluid and she tends to keep one leg straight, lumping along and only occasionally using it to propel her farther when all her other limbs won't get her where she wants to go. It's awkward, but it works.
Notice the straight leg on her left

She hasn't yet realized that the ability to crawl means an expanded world and she still must be gently coaxed into crawling after a toy, but she's slowly understanding the perks of her new ability and every once in a while shows great bursts of energy, excitement, and speed.

Also, before any of this, Anna figured out how to sit on her bum from being on her hands and knees. For a long time she would flop into that move as soon as we'd try to get her to crawl.

Finally, just yesterday Anna figured out how to put the ball in the dinosaur to make the music and lights play. Sam captured some great progressive video. Her skirt is tucked into her bum-pants to aid in the crawling practice they did earlier.

And one of my new skills is letting Anna get into messy things. She's eaten dirt, gotten grass stained, chewed on the shredded tires that cushion the local playground, and just recently found this lovely stick to try out. I absolutely loved getting dirty as a kid and prided myself on every bruise and really muddy shoes, so I think it's important that Anna is afforded the same opportunities.
She spots it

She goes for it

The snag

Almost there

So tasty

Anna is also learning how to suffer for the sake of beauty. After a bit of a scream and a squirm, we got this cute pixie pony tail.

Last but not least, she's a jumper- and a screamer.


Marci said...

Well, I didn't watch the videos because I'm watching TV, but those bath pictures are SO just want to squish her ;-)!

tpmotd said...

The jumping reminds me of this:

Laurie said...

Awhh, she looks so pretty with her hair up in a pony tail!

JP said...

She is just too cute! Can't wait to nibble on her when you get here.

Rebecca Holt Stay said...

Humm. MAybe you should bring the johnny jump up BACK for your visit. These video were just adorable. What a fast learner.