Friday, February 06, 2009

january in pictures

I am ready to say enough with my self pity, but that's probably because Anna is getting better, is happier, and sleeping all night again. You may see it rear its ugly head the next time Anna gets in a snit. In the mean time, and as penance for all my whining, here are some pictures from the past month.

New Year's celebration sushi

I heard Anna crying in her room like she was hurt and came in to see what was wrong. This is what I found. Her arm was stuck in her sleeve. It's tough being a baby.

Who can resist taking a picture of that smile?!

Anna's first pixie-hair ponytail

She loves to eat the toothpaste

Our one picture of her one tooth-- and her droopy eye

I love this little shirt of Anna's, which is funny since I used to hate the color yellow, but it's growing on me.

These next few pictures are pretty exciting to me. I've tried making bread and rolls before, but every time I did, they ended up not rising and rock hard. Since these failed attempts, I've asked several people to teach me how to make good bread. The first person just went about it really quickly, the second didn't work since we kept getting caught up in conversation and crossword puzzles. Finally, just after anna was born, my Mom and I made pepperoni rolls together. Eight months later, I worked up my courage and tried it all by myself (with a little help and encouragement from my sister over the phone). I couldn't take any photos of the dough before it was ready because I was sure it would jinx it. So here are some pictures of rolling and stuffing. They were so delicious and we still have about a dozen in the freezer.

Anna is really good at feeding herself certain foods now. Her favorites are Gerber stars and cheese

A particularly messy (and fun morning)

Swinging babies

Max just hangin'

Anna with Ian, the world's happiest baby

Anna loves this game

My sister made this pea pod bunting costume for her daughter at Halloween and then she sent it to me to get some matching pictures. It is SOOO cute, and the little peas are so soft and squeezable.

Sam would love it if Anna is always so excited about basketball

Anna had already been laughing at this for a loooong time, so that's why it sounds a little like she's crying. We love making her laugh.


Meg Ruth said...

She is so darling as a Pea pod! And I love your photo collage!

Leighanna said...

So cute! I love Anna's surprised look! I would also love to know how to make pizza rolls!!! :o)

Marci said...

Such cute pictures...seeing the babies in the swings like that always makes me smile :-).

laska said...

I love all of the pictures and how excited she got about the basketball...they're almost the same size! great job on the bread - if you ever want another recipe, I know one that isn't too difficult. :) miss you.

Erica Layne | Let Why Lead said...

Hi Heather! It's Erica, from our Devonshire days. I found your blog through facebook and wanted to say how much I relate to your recent posts about motherhood. I'm sure it doesn't compare to Anna's crying-in-the-apartment stage, but Trenton's at a stage where he is constantly whining if I'm not giving him attention or taking him somewhere new. As a new mom I have to wonder - "Is this my fault?" Thank you for your sweet candor and good luck with everything. It definitely says good things if lots of moms eventually forget about all this hard stuff. That means the joys in the long run must far outweigh the tears and exhaustion!

By the way, our family blog is ryan-erica.blogspot. Take care!

Marc and Miriam Deru said...

Hey Heather!

I just found your blog again. These pictures and movies are great! Anna is absolutely adorable. Look at those big, happy blue eyes! She's got squishy cheeks and big smiles and a TOOTH!? Funny thing is, our Baby Anna was a peapod for Halloween, too. Very cute.

By the way, we loved your Christmas card. Thank you for sending one! It's still up on our fridge. Anna has grown notably even since then! Marc said to me today, "I keep thinking I should call Sam." We miss you guys!

-Miriam, Marc and Baby Anna

Laurie said...

Looks like a very fun and exciting month!!

Susan said...

there's nothing better than ponytails...on any age. I'd wear one if I had enough hair.

Karen Ahlstrom said...

I've actually started writing my dec/jan post... but it's not done yet. It's so cute to see Anna starting to look like you.


Little Birdie Secrets said...

Heather, you're the winner of our 2-Minute Memories card giveaway! Congrats! Send us your address and we'll get it out to you asap. Thanks for visiting our site!

Cute bebe, by the way!

~The Three Birdies