Thursday, February 12, 2009

i win!

One of my favorite sites to visit is Little Birdie Secrets. They have some great ideas for crafts and countless tutorials. Pretty much all the crafts I make I see here first, or find on other sites they link to. Today, when I went to their site to vote for my friend Laska's Valentine card as the best, I saw my name in the middle of the page- I won a giveaway! I won this 2-minute memories 10 Things I Love About You scrapbook kit.

Thank you Little Birdie Secrets! And thank you Sam for being so lovable and doing all the chores I hate most.

(Now go vote for card #1 so Laska can win too!)


kimlis said...

I tag you.
8 TV shows or movies I watch regularly
8 things that happened yesterday
8 favorite places to eat
8 things I am looking forward to
8 things on my wish list
8 people I tag

laska said...

congratulations heather! I saw that giveaway and thought it was really cool...I'm glad that you got it! and thanks for voting for me!