Saturday, September 06, 2008

shower time

I went to a great bridal shower today. It was black and white themed like the wedding will be. The hostess had delicious food and put white roses in black alligator skin pointy-toe heels. She also made Barbie doll wedding dresses as party favors! Oh the things you can do without small children!

Anyway, while checking out one of my new favorite sites Little Birdie Secrets I discovered this post about baby showers. I loved my baby shower for Anna, thrown by Amber and Leighanna and Vicki and have been to several more. At one we played a variation of the candy bar game she mentions here and it was great fun. Way better than lots of other cheesy games I've played at baby showers. I have to admit, I really liked the candy bar linked to conception... Too funny!

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Anonymous said...

The candy bar game was in much better taste than a similar one involving candy bars and diapers: trust me. And your cakes were WAY cuter (is that a word?).