Thursday, September 11, 2008

i like ike?

Sam and I are trying to decide whether or not we should evacuate. A few of my friends in the ward have already left and all fall into the "very small child" category of reasons why they're skipping town. We're not in the mandatory or even voluntary evacuation zones and heard a plea on the radio not to evacuate so the roads don't get bad for those who have to leave. But we're still undecided. I can tell that Sam's leaning toward staying, but as the one who cares for Anna all day, I think I may possibly, but am not entirely sure I am leaning towards leaving. In an effort to "study it out in [my] mind," and taking inspiration from Rory Gilmore, I wrote up this list, and Sam told me I should put it on my blog.

If we were to evacuate, these are the:

  • No time without power, water, AC
  • Get to see our family
  • Don't have to drive in a hurricane if the power is out too long
  • Safe from potential damage-- downed power lines, glass breaking
  • Flushable toilets
  • Not hot
  • Anna would be comfortable-ish
  • Not stuck in our tiny apartment
  • Time off from Anna with a host of babysitters
  • Have to prep the apt. for damage-- get everything off the floor, keep water out of doors
  • Food in fridge goes bad/uneaten
  • Anna in the car for hours, then in a strange house for day(s)
  • Traffic out of the city
  • Traffic back into the city
  • Can't prevent damage to our belongings as the storm happens
  • Possible good story/ego boost for surviving a hurricane is lost
  • Branded cowards and wusses for the rest of our days
  • Have to share Sam with his siblings/ the Wii instead of having him to ourselves
  • Have to figure out logistics of getting Sam back to work on Monday even if power is out
So what's your take? Do we stay or go? Vote in our poll to the right and leave a comment why you think so.


tpmotd said...

I say stay. I bet it will be less hassle in the long run. And the potential for a great story is almost always enough reason to do something. It's one of the reasons I decided to date Rachel!

Sherry said...

Stay! And if you lose power and whatnot, hey! It's and adventure.

heather said...

steve and sherry-- I voted stay for you.

Unknown said...

Where are you in Houston? When my family lived there (we were in the Cypress area, Katy stake, Hwy 6 and 290), a hurricane came through and by the time it reached us, it was just a lot of rain and some scattered tornadoes, nothing to write home about. We even went outside and flew paper airplanes in the strong winds.

Unknown said...

The Hurricane Luke is talking about was a Cat. 2 I believe, but by the time it got through NW Houston (where you are), it had died down significantly. Houston homes are made of brick, and much of the power is underground so you should be okay. You're also in a high area I'm pretty sure so flooding won't be an issue - that's the biggest worry in Houston, flooding. I say stay, unless you're in a low-lying area.

laska said...

being labeled a wuss is a pro? explain please?

heather said...

you're right laska-- it's fixed

and for luke and jesse-- we're in cinco ranch which may have been starting to be built while you were here. It's just south of I-10 at Mason Rd

JP said...

WELL???!!! How did you make out??