Saturday, February 16, 2008

"we're so in love, it's ridiculous"

This is what Sam told me after I suggested we go to Panera for dinner a few weeks ago and he said he'd been thinking the exact same thing.

Sam and I both really like to eat, but we like it even more when we're eating together. So you shouldn't be surprised that our Valentine's Day this year revolved around food. Sam showed up after work with these:

Aren't they beautiful? (I was having fun with our new camera this morning)

But he also had a baguette, gruyere, havarti, and a long thin box. I eagerly opened my present to find a cheese knife!!! I've been wanting one since we used my sister-in-law, Marcelle's, very nice one. And since cheese is Sam's favorite food (especially the melted variety) we use our not-so-great cheese slicer every day. Needless to say, we immediately broke out the raclette and enjoyed a yummy appetizer of super melty cheese on chewy, crusty bread.

Next it was my turn, and I presented Sam with a box wrapped in a red blanket topped with a few of these:

Not surprising since my favorite food is chocolate.

Inside Sam's box was a fondue pot. We'd been talking about fondue a few weeks earlier, found some recipes, and searched online for good sources of cheese in Katy. Now we can enjoy all the melty cheese and chocolate we want! The first party is already in the works.

So it's true. We are so ridiculously in love with each other that we unknowingly coordinated Valentine's Day gifts and food. Life is good.


Shannon said...

That is so cute!

Anonymous said...

I just asked Jeff today if he know how much I love cheese, chocolate, and chicken. All 3 are staples in my diet. How funny your blog was about two of these. Your gifts were fabulous and another reason why you two are amazing.

* Anna Jo *

PS I wish I could attend your fondue parties

Anonymous said...

*knew how much I loved
: ( Oops did not read that after I read it. It must be near my bedtime.

Susan said...

i now eat cheese but didn't use to like it...but you know me and chocolate. fondue parties with both are the best. get a set fondue pot...makes parties even faster, better, yummier

Jon said...

Fondue and Raclette... Ahhh! Lovely cheese. We've got a great non-alcoholic cheese fondue recipe if you'd like (you substitute tomato juice for all the wine and liquor) and it tastes absolutely fabulous. Just let us know.