Friday, February 08, 2008

month of loves: books

I've been making my baby registries online this week and have been thinking about what books I feel are essential to have around. Here's a starter list I came up with. I'd love to get more suggestions for great books for very young children.

Very Hungry Caterpillar (my mom has some uber-cute onesies and sleepers set aside for me with embroidered pictures from this book on them. I can't wait!)

Where the Wild Things Are

Harold and the Purple Crayon

Plenty of Dr. Seuss

Animalia (I'd never hear of it, but Sam really liked them)

Winnie the Pooh

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Are you my mother?


Sherry said...

What about "A, My Name is Alice"? I always loved that book. It is great, teaches the alphabet in a fun way, and has entertaining pictures.

Anonymous said...

That is such a great list!
Of those, I currently own:
Very Hungry Caterpillar
Where the Wild Things Are
Harold and the Purple Crayon
and Plenty of Dr. Seuss
2 of those and some Dr Suess I have bought within the past year haha
I will have to go through my shelves and see what other "Best Picks" I think should be on your list. Do you have a Half-Off Books near you? I LOVE that place and the Children's section of the one near me is usually pretty good too : )

*Anna Jo *

Ben & Diane said...

I would definitely suggest Goodnight Moon. My kids both loved that book.

laska said...

I would also suggest "Love you Forever" by Robert Munch and Shiela McGraw. It's super cute!

Mike and Tia Fam said...

Hey, Tia from Wymount here, I just saw your blog from facebook - so anyway, right now Annabelle's favorite is "love you forever" and a great combatant for all those prince charming filled disney stories is "The Paper Bag Princess", both are written by Robert Munsch.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,
Anna Jo said I needed to read about your valentines' day entry so she sent me your link. I just thought I'd let you know that your list is excellent and I fully support Sam's recommendation of Animalia. I received it when I was a little older, but I'm sure if you purchase the book now you'll be able to enjoy it in the mean time. It's wonderfully illustrated and very exciting :)


Justin said...

We really like "Guess How Much I Love You." It's a great story for bedtime. And make sure to get The Sneetches and Other Stories--that's one of my Dr. Seuss favorites.