Saturday, August 18, 2007

happy feet

I'm having a girl moment. I need to brag about the GREAT sale I just got. Here's the story.

This is Tax-free weekend in Texas wherein sales tax is suspended for certain required items, namely apparel and back-to-school supplies. But retailers are allowed to suspend taxes on almost anything and many do, along with having great big sales.
So, to join in with the masses, Sam and I headed out to the outlet mall to buy him some brown dress shoes. He found some he liked in Famous Footwear which was having a buy one get one half off sale. Now, I've been looking for some good sandals that'll support my feet like shoes, but keep them cool. I found some good Columbia sandals already marked down so we got them for $15.

But that's not the sale. Just wait.

I wore the sandals around a bit and decided they didn't fit just right and would chafe if I wore them too long or got wet or dirty in them. I told Sam I had this problem with lots of sandals and had a suspicion that Chacos wouldn't give me that trouble. Only problem is, they're usually $95.
Well, we decided to maybe buy them anyway and searched for a local distributer. We found one, back at the mall and saw they had Chacos on sale for $71 on-line with free shipping. Not bad! So we went back to the mall and tried on Chacos to find the right size. Within 5 minutes, I was hooked. My feet have never felt so aired yet so comfortable. And Sam is now yearning for some Chacos flip-flops.
So, back home we came and popped online. We used froogle and the Chaco website to find anyone selling Chacos, and the original $71 seemed like the best. But, I decided, why not check Amazon? And there they were: Chaco Zx2 Headwaters in Bluebell for only $54 and FREE shipping! Hooray! And happy early birthday to me.
It's amazing how much a great sale can make your day.

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lizzie said...

I love chacos. Except for running shoes and occasionally flip-flops, I have worn nothing else since January 2005.