Monday, March 30, 2015

september 2014

Levi made up this little song for Emily and did it pretty much every time he saw her for several weeks. I thought it was pretty adorable.

First day of preschool at Miss Gina's house! Levi attends preschool at a friend's home. She has taught preschool for each of her 5 children when they are 3 and 4 years old and Levi was lucky enough to get a spot this year. He loves class. He loves learning Spanish from Nanitzi, Thomas's mom, who says he's reading and pronouncing Spanish well. He can now count up to 20 and know his colors and body parts. He loves creature features and rhyming words and reading books and learning about holidays. His friends in class are Allison, Garrett, Thomas, and Zachary, so it's a nice small group. Gina is an amazing teacher who really gets Levi and what makes him excited. 

Happy babies are so cute!

Fun with photobooth

Naked babies are so cute!

We bought this castle in May for Anna's princess birthday party and had it upstairs all summer. I was ready for it to go, so I suggested we take it outside and paint it. The kids had a great morning painting the castle and rocks and plates and paper and grass. And then the rain came a couple days later and, woops! time to throw away the castle.

Sleeping babies are so cute!

When the kids made their detective headquarters in August, I gave them an old bed sheet I use as a paint drop cloth and when they wanted to write on it with their markers, I told them it was fine. So another day when we built a fort indoors, I went to take a nap and woke up to find one of my nicer sheets written on with red marker at the "front" and "back" doors of the fort. I kept my cool, laughed, took a picture,  and thankfully they'd used the washable markers and there was no permanent damage. And I told them never to do it again without my permission.


Rebecca Holt Stay said...

Cute song: so glad you got it recorded.

Amazing patience with the markers on the sheets! I'd keep telling myself to laugh or take a photo but in the moment I often would loose it and get mad. As I am sure you remember . . . .

Rachel said...

I have learned to pretty much not have any type of crayons, markers, or paint that isn't washable. That stuff is great. Sleeping babies really are so cute!