Tuesday, May 12, 2015

october 2014

October is when things start happening again in Texas. We went to a butterfly festival where they released migrating monarchs and the kids got their faces painted. And then we walked over to a harvest festival at Nash Farm where we rode on a hay ride, shelled peas, watched a milking demonstration, and watched a blacksmith. 

Later that evening we drove down the street to Hall's Pumpkin Patch and took a million pictures of our adorable little pumpkin. 

This one kills me! She's so cute.

There were several cool play areas with tires and logs and hay bales that the kids had a fun time on.

Then we did the corn maze which the kids LOVED. We'll definitely have to make it a family tradition.

Funny kids!

Tired baby

Anna wanted me to take a picture of her on the log behind her, but those boys climbed up and she made these faces at me.

Levi photography

Anna working on some doll dresses

One afternoon we made these pretzel rods and the day before we'd made the dracula and frankenstein crafts hanging up in the picture below.

One Saturday we went to Grapeyard which was a free Halloween festival at Meadowmere park. It was mostly weird, but Levi loved the maze and Anna liked the little play some junior high school kids put on. They painted pumpkins and watched some digitally displayed singing pumpkins that they enjoyed. Levi also loved the lazer tag zombie shooting game.

Little baby fairy princess! This was more cute than I could handle!

My mom and dad came to visit and we walked Levi to preschool. Emily fell asleep on the way home.

Levi with Thomas and Zachary

At the ward party

We went to lunch with Anna with my parents and it happened to be pajama day. She chose Milani to come sit with us.

I like to have fun Halloween themed food on the week before halloween and tonight was bug pancakes and spiderweb pancakes.

Anna's hiding spot of choice for hide and seek

At the Trinity River Audubon center. A butterfly landed on mom

Levi liked feeding the catfish with their big mouths

He also really loved digging in this sand pit with a real shovel

Anna made this Lego temple during general conference

Frankenstein pudding cups. The fact that Levi has no pants is not unusual.

Emily found her feet!

Anna read a Fancy Nancy book where she made a beauty salon for her mom and she wanted to do the same for me. First she did my make-up. Then she gave me some magazines, soaked my feet in warm water, massaged them with lotion and painted my nails. It was such a treat from my sweet girl!

The set up 

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Rebecca Holt Stay said...

Lovely memories. Cute kids. Fun activities. Good food. Great mom.