Saturday, January 07, 2012

a perfect summary

Don't you love it when someone else says exactly what you mean to say, and says it well? I do.

Here's a wonderful lesson on NOT loving every minute, and still being a great mom.

Thanks to Kristy for sharing this on pinterest and my sister-in-law Lesli via email.


Susan said...

that was a great blog you sent me to. I hope she gets to tell someone what she hopes to when she's old. parenting is not to be enjoyed until you are out of that stage. then again, I have to say, when are parents ever really out of it? I often say I wonder why God didn't make us more like the animals. The kids turn 18 and we send them out the door, never to worry about their lives again, never to wonder what mess they might be making for themselves and not know it, never to care.

Sadly, we are not animals. We care and fret and worry. and so I don't think parenting ever gets to the point that we enjoy every minute of it. Does God? Every moment?

rusted sun said...

Great read. Thanks for the link.

Oddly shortly after I read this I was at a museum with my three kids, two 13 year olds and an 11 year old....six kids. An older museum docent came up to me and said..."Wow, I feel sorry for you! How do you do it?' I was quite shock and said.."I think they are quite well behaved." Good thing he didn't see me alone with my two three year olds and a baby....then he really would have felt sorry for me. :)