Friday, January 21, 2011

snow fun

When we got home from our trip to Texas, there was still a little snow left on the ground, so we went out and made some snowmen.

A few days later, we had a big blizzard that started in the middle of the night and lasted almost the whole next day. It was so snowy that Sam had to work from home, so we took a mid-day break to go outside and play some more.

baby angel :)

Here are the snowmen in the middle of the blizzard. (The big snowman's head fell off, so those are only the bottom two pieces showing)

We've had two more very snow days since. Here's Anna singing "Falling Snow" very gently...

(sorry about the backlighting)

And here are the snowmen after our big snow today. The little one's covered and the big one's almost gone.

We are loving this beautiful white wonderland out our window every day, and even Sam (born in Arizona and raised in Texas) has commented how much he likes the peacefulness and prettiness of falling snow (and he's trying to figure out a way to get a ski or snowboard day in before the season ends). And this New England winter is bringing me back to my Ohio childhood of snow days and Golden Acres sledding and hikes through the snowy woods behind my house. Sam and I both agree Utah's got nothing on New England when it comes to snow. We'll enjoy it as much as we can before a cold and inevitably slushy March comes along :)

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Katie Primm said...

I actually went sledding at Golden Acres last year. It was the highlight of my Christmas :)