Sunday, January 23, 2011

makes me want to kiss his tummy and nibble his toes

Sam's parents have a beautifully decorated home. Whenever we go I'm packing away little ideas I see all around their home to use once we have a home of our own. One of the things that I love most are the giant plushy sheepskin rugs his mom has all over the house. They soft and warm and have that beautiful natural wool creamy color. She has one on the floor of their master bath and my extra long showers (thanks to babysitters) were all the more luxurious with that to step onto at the end.

But I'm not the only one who loved those sheepskins. Levi loved to lay on them without clothes and feel that wooly warmth all over his baby soft skin. The sight was just begging for a photo...or 14...

And while we're on the subject of Levi, he was almost 9 months old in those pictures and he is now almost 10 months.
He started cruising last week and is highly pleased with himself.
He's eating mostly normal food now and grabs the spoon and throws it on the ground if I try to give him jarred baby food.
He's been sick for months with cold symptoms which culminated in a fever a week ago. I took him to the doctor when things started oozing from his ears and got some antibiotics.
He is MUCH happier now and has started playing SO BIG! ("How big is Levi?"...he raises his arms straight up..."SO BIG!") and peek-a-boo which nearly kills me with how cute it is to see his chubby little hands covering his eyes and his big gummy smile when we say "Peek-a-boo!"
He still has no teeth, though it still hurts when he bites.
He is super ticklish and giggly.
He loves his sister and she can make him laugh just by smiling at him.
And, my personal favorite trait of Levi, he loves to give me kisses (which mostly involve him putting his open mouth on my chin or cheek).
He is one beautiful, happy baby boy and we love him!


Anonymous said...

Heather!!!!! How lovely to find you in both faceland and blogland! I love getting to see your beautiful family. All the best to you, your husband, and your sweet, sweet kids. x Kate

JP said...

Love the belly! Helooks like a Stay kid!