Saturday, January 29, 2011


We're heading down to NYC for a few days next week. On our list right now are some children's museums our Discovery Museums pass will get us into for free, story time at the NY public library, FAO Schwartz, Central Park strolling, and shopping at H&M. We're staying on Staten Island and heard the ferry has some great views of the Statue of Liberty. Sam might pull some strings and visit the NYSE on his own.

Anyone have some other ideas for us? Where to eat with kids? Wholesale craft or fabric shops I can't miss? Little known secrets or out of the way places that we've got to get to? Please oh please enlighten me.


rusted sun said...

I was born on Staten Island. There isn't a monument or anything...but you can just give us a quick thought while you are there. :)

Have a great trip!

Nate said...

Four words: Pizza by the slice.

And it's good you trust your readership to not come and rob your home when you're away.

D said...

If you're shopping for wholesale craft goods, one store that comes to mind is canal plastic center. Here's a link to some pictures:
They sell plastic raw materials for making stuff, and can cut it into any shape you want. It's at 345 Canal street.
Here are a few other shops:

Elisabeth said...

I loved the Museum of Natural History when I went to New York in high school.

Also, this website has great recommendations of places to go and kid-friendly places to eat :

Have an awesome trip! Sounds like a blast!

makana hansen said...

FUN! Can't wait for the post. Oh, and I have no reccomendations.

lizzie said...

Pearl Paint on Canal Street is a great place for crafty things. The fashion district has a lot of fabric stores, and I'm told you can haggle and such over prices, but I admit that I haven't been there much since we moved here. Odd, I know.

Pizza by the slice is a must -- any hole in the wall place is generally as good as another -- and if you can swing a trip to the MoMA, I highly recommend it. Maybe we can meet you there. :) If I think of anything else, I'll let you know.

Emily said...

Check out Emily Sara's blog (Do you remember her from BDA? She moved into our apartment when you moved out, and she lived in another BDA apartment before that.) She and her husband live in NYC and they find the coolest off-the-beaten-path places and blog about it.

Katie Primm said...

Don't know how great it is for kids, but Rockefeller Center is pretty. And also where I work :)