Friday, November 07, 2008


Laska tagged me. I'm supposed to tell you 7 quirky or weird things about me.

1) I like to make up dances to go along with whatever activity I might be doing at the moment. I'll tell Sam, "This is my 'brushing my teeth' dance," or "This is my 'listening to NPR while I make dinner' dance." It keeps everyone in the house pretty well entertained.

2) I love cereal, and I mean really love it. A day is not complete without a bowl of cereal.

3) I consider our many half-gallons of ice cream part of our food storage.

4) I like the dishes loaded in the dishwasher and then put away in the cabinets in just the right way. I even have a little map inside the cupboard door to show Sam where everything goes. Can you say OCD?

5) I love public radio. Riding public transportation makes me happy. I think we should have universal healthcare for minors and pregnant women (Go Prevention!). I can't help it. It's in my blood. My great-grandmother Anna Holmquist marched with the socialists in Sweden.

6) I really like this video. (Thanks, Luke!)

7) My daughter is only 6-months-old and I'm already spying on her. The first time I saw her roll over, I had to peek between the bumper and mattress and between two crib slats because she got distracted every time she saw me. I'm fear I'm forming some bad parenting habits.

I tag anyone who wants to share with the world what makes them weird.


Rebecca Holt Stay said...

OOOkkaayy . . . . That video was just slightly disturbing: reminded me a lot of Steve

Susan said...

So was this the off broadway musical for Planet of the Apes? and what is he singing about?

Rachel said...

That is actually a really good idea to have a map of the how the dishes go for your husband. I need to do that. Dan always messes everything up.

Katie Primm said...

Does it count if I want to leave a map for my roommate? She knows I'm quasi-OCD but it doesn't seem to make her any neater :)