Saturday, November 15, 2008

baby vs. wild

Over a cool November weekend, we took Anna camping at Stephen F. Austin State Park with our friends the Mercers (follow the link for their account and pictures-- love the penguin suits to stay warm). That made 3 babies and 4 adults-- well, once the men arrived. Alisa and I set up the tent, hammock, and entertained/fed the babies in the afternoon beneath the trees. I'll admit it was a little less leisurely than most other camping trips I've been on, but we fun nonetheless.

Three car seats squeezed into the back seat of the truck

Anna was not too sure about being between two other babies, but she and Maya sure looked cute in their matching onesies. And I can never get enough of Max's smile.

Our fire was a little slow in coming with some damp wood, but it eventually came to life and we enjoyed some quiet time to talk around it while the babies were bundled into their pack and plays. Of course, Sam did have to chase away the fearless raccoons several times during the night as they climbed on the cabin walls, or slipped under our chairs or into the truck bed.

I'm pretty sure Anna didn't actually sleep, but rather lie awake too cold to cry all night. When, at 5:30, she started making some noises and I picked her up to feed her, her hands were freezing and her eyes were WIDE open. Once I fed her and we all played a bit, Sam snuggled her back into his sleeping bag and she fell deeply asleep. Nothing better than snuggling.

Not such a happy morning at first

But it got better

We enjoyed a nice little walk through the woods and along the Brazos river in the early afternoon the next day. Anna got a little sunburned and I felt terrible about it, but otherwise I think the trip was a success, and I have to say I feel a twinge of pride whenever I tell anyone we took three six-month-old babies camping.


Meg Ruth said...

Oh my heavens, seriously so darling in that little winter suit! Love it!

Rebecca Holt Stay said...

I think that's the first time in Anna's life that she has been cold. And I endorse the use of socks for gloves!
6 months is a challenge, but we found 15 to 20 months was insane: babies walking straight into firepits tend to ruin camping trips.

Susan said...

camping? you gotta be nuts. Loved the dress and slip...oh to own one in my size...and wish my size was small