Friday, August 22, 2008


I'm on a giveaway kick this morning. I just entered at MomDot to win this duffle bag for Anna at Simply Suzzan. I also like her paisley bags.

And I really really want one of these shirt extenders from Blush:

The crazy
mommy bloggers over at MomDot blog, are hosting a contest to make the world a better place and to fight muffintop. Please come over and enter to win an amazing giveaway from Blush, where you can keep or pass along an awesome topless undershirt. They need 200 entries to get more shirts to give away, so come enter this worthwhile fashion cause. And while you are there, dont forget about the other awesome giveaways and new chat room. Oh, and Toni is crazy. Really, really crazy.

And finally, at notes from my nest I'm hoping for one of these head wraps (or anything else I can win... it's all so adorable!) from Oopsoe Dazie. And I just saw they have FREE SHIPPING on EVERYTHING to US residents. My life is SOOOO good.

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Rebecca Holt Stay said...

So how are the shirt extenders different from Bella Bands?