Monday, September 07, 2015

january and febuary 2015 from the ipad

I need to figure out a good way to get our ipad photos into the same folders as our regular camera photos. Until then, here are the others.

 Ohio State won the national championship, so Emily and I celebrated by wearing our OSU gear and making buckeyes while Levi was at preschool. She's the cutest little buckeye baby I've ever seen.

This is how Anna relaxed while talking to Grandma Becky on the phone. 

Emily was (and still is) completely smitten with Levi. She loved to watch him jump around and be crazy. He'd play peek a boo and make her laugh like no one else could. She'd flap her arms and bounce. Watching him was so exciting!

 We have a Valentine's Day tradition of having "pink breakfast." It started when Anna was 3 and has been the exact same breakfast every year since. It's a fun way to celebrate the day and fun to fancy up the table.

For dinner I made heart-shaped pizza, a tradition in its second year.

Sister love!

 Sam and I went to see Lang Lang play Tchaikovsky's piano concerto with the Fort Worth Symphony. (Anna took this picture for us before hand.) The concert was incredible. I've never heard anything like it. It was like his fingers floated above the keys, and he was so connected with the orchestra. Over the next few days, I'd hear Sam humming or whistling it and Sam told me he noticed me dancing or conducting to the music in my head. I'm so glad we went.


Anonymous said...

Levi is so good with babies!!! Love Anna's relaxing phone pose lol And yes, that is the cutest baby buckeye I've ever seen! -AJG

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