Monday, September 07, 2015

february 2015

This is me and Anna at her class valentine's party. She made a My Little Pony Valentines Box for school.

This is a picture Levi made after learning about nocturnal animals at preschool

We made heart shaped cinnamon rolls with pink frosting in honor of Valentine's day.

Anna got a haircut and her first blow out.

Levi and his buddy Allison. Levi's pretty sure he's going to marry Allison, even though she's moved to Washington. 

Some playdough creations. I believe the one on the left is a sundae and the one on the right is a fish. Below is a cup of milk, a napkin and sushi maybe?

Some valentine crafts

I wanted to take a picture of how Emily would wrap her fingers in her blanket when she slept. She doesn't do it anymore (now she strokes it) so I'm glad I did.

These thin vines grow up the side of our fence and Anna periodically makes crowns out of them. This was one of the more successful ones. I thought she looked like a woodland princess.

It's more authentic with the dirt on her face.

How most mornings look.

Anna had a field trip to a museum we had a membership to, so Levi and Emily and I met her there.

Anna participated in Destination Imagination (sort of like Olympics of the Mind from when I was a kid) last year. Their assignment was to make up a new animal from two other animals and create a skit. They chose a black jaguar and a peacock. They had to create their own costumes and write the script. They made up a little song. It was very cute, and she had fun spending one afternoon a week with so many of her good friends.

We had a little snowfall and Anna broke out the adorable Elsa hat her Aunt Natalie made for her for Christmas. 

The kids like to ransack our closet every now and then. Here they are pretending to be us.

A stuffed animal birthday party.

This was one of my favorite outfits for Emily. She was just so soft and cuddly and pink whenever she wore it.

A little more snow meant a snow day for the kids and for Sam since they just don't clear the roads here.

I started to write about this photo with Levi looking over my shoulder, but he kept correcting me. So here is the explanation in his words.

"Daddy told a story about this monster and Yoda.Yoda helps the monster. I don't remember how. Yoda helps the monster and the monster tries to eat him at first, but then Yoda helps him. They are walking together because they're trying to find Darth Vader."

Levi wrote "to" and "from" and we copied it a few times to give to some friends. 

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Levi and Anna in your clothes! Emily in that pink outfit! That drawing! My heart is exploding ♡♡♡♡