Wednesday, October 22, 2014

january 2014

January was much calmer than December, thank goodness! But still fun enough to not be depressed after the holidays :)

Reading with Grandpa after a Sunday family dinner.

Elsa and Anna! (Karla and Anna)

Jessie twins!

Anna's first haircut! We went to Sweet and Sassy Salon to make it fun, just in case she was worried. Since then, I've trimmed it myself.

So excited!

SNIP! Goodbye baby curls :(

Also, her first blowout :)

Modeling her new do on the catwalk

Anna's dance moves

The final result! (It was still really long, but a big deal for Anna. We've cut off a few more inches so it was just past her shoulders since then.)

Anna loved gymnastics each week. Here she's wearing my old Mary Lou Retton leotard and the skirt I got for roller skating lessons when I was 4.

We hosted preschool a couple times in January. We did a community helpers unit. These are our fire truck snacks.

The next week we did construction workers and police officers. They built buildings and roads and solved crimes.

Fun in the checkout line!

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