Wednesday, October 02, 2013

mothers day 2013

I took lots of pictures on Mother's Day this year so I thought I'd share them. It was one of my best Mother's (Mothers'?) Days that I can remember.

Anna made me some pipe cleaner flowers and pictures which she wrapped up and decorated.

Sam gave a thoughtful talk in church that made me cry- in a good way. 
He also bought these cute and delicious chocolates from L.A.Burdick in Harvard Square. I'd put them almost on par with La Maison du Chocolat. Wish I'd known about them sooner...

After church I got to read and go on a walk along the river with the kids. All the daffodils, and lilacs, and trees were blooming and it was just a little bit chilly. Sam made dinner.

(Rose from church and lilacs from MIT- in Grandma Fawnie's vase, tulips from a friend, and pipe cleaner flowers from Anna)

It's good to be a mom.

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lhilty said...

So sweet. You have a wonderful family!