Thursday, October 10, 2013

boston temple

In June our Primary (the childrens program at church) visited the Boston LDS Temple. We each got a family picture outside it, talked about why the temple was important, and then had a delicious picnic dinner down the hill from the temple.

I'm amazed all the photos didn't look like this.

with our friend Lily

It was really hot so previous enthusiasm quickly flagged, but once we were in the shade for the picnic it was absolutely perfect weather.

with Lily's little sister Cali, one of Levi's best buds 

 This was the perfect climbing tree and Anna climbed really high. I couldn't touch her when I put my arm above my head. She loved it.

I'm so grateful for temples and for the peace I feel when I attend. I always leave feeling closer to my Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, closer to my husband and more clear on our purpose as husband and wife and as parents, and ready to face the hard things in life.

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jgosses said...

Lovely thoughts and beautiful pictures!