Saturday, October 22, 2011

halloween sneak peek

When I asked Anna, sometime in August, what she wanted to be for Halloween, I didn't really expect any answer at all, but she said, "I want to be a ballerina fairy princess with an orange tutu and a crown with a sunshine on it." Mom made this happen with a little tweaking (we couldn't find orange spandex for the leotard). We had our Joy School Halloween party on Thursday. The leotard Mom made came the night before, so this was the first time Anna had on the whole costume. She was crazy excited. This is after the party, so she was a little pictured out. Thanks Mom!

(Levi got in the shot at the last second, but this was the best, face-on, not blurry shot we got of the whole costume)

I slipped ribbons under Anna's feet inside her sparkly shoes so she could have ribbons that tied around her legs like real ballerinas, and there's a pink and orange tutu under her "flower fairy" skirt. There's a book called Lili at the ballet written by an ex-ballerina with beautiful illustrations of children dancing. Anna learned that ballerinas balance at the barre from that book. Lili gets to be the flower fairy at the end of the book, so she was glad Grandma included a flower skirt that she could wear with her ballerina tutu.

This is a good shot of her "princess hair." Those little ringlets in the front are all natural, no curling iron needed.


Rebecca Holt Stay said...

Thanks for the photos. Looks like the skirt will fit for a while yet.
Hug that pretty ballerina fairy princess for me.

Marcelle said...

Your tu-tu is the same fabric as my Belle dress I love you so much good bye I love Anna and good bye And thank you for all the pictures.